sitting on a bench

1.  Photo session start time

2.  First he takes pictures of her

3.  People are a little disturbed, but the session continues

4.  Now the camera to the vertical

5.  The changing, she photographed his

6.  Not only I did observe them

7.  The end of session

8.  bye-bye in black and white mood


betharr said...

A story in 8 parts :-)
It was registered & presentated with a logical sequence
First the lady is photographed...
such a gentleman!
Hahaahaha they are so serious!!!
beautiful couple! foreigners, maybe?
10/10 for composition

1000/1000 for music
I have been playing "Private Investigatons" several times.
Such the genre of music that I like so MUCH!
The spirit in a state of ecstasy (DO not a quimical drug, OK?) :-) joke
For me 'the end' in B&W is in combination with the music.
The souls for ever captureted.
Some private's life that is revealed.
Você vampirizou
eu vampirizo
nós vampirizamos
eles vampiriza
10° at evening?

betharr said...

Imagens fortuitas
elas não vão voltar
existe tensão atras da camara
o 'vampiro' precisa da cena
mas teme ser descoberto.
a quem pertence a imagem capturada?
Pls, can you answer?
I am in conflict with myself

betharr said...

more than friend, yes.(in my post)
On Paulista Av.they exchanged hugs and kisses
...male and female homo.
I saw that he saw
... but he was not saying anything
This music is teh best than anyother you post here!