Lester Left Town

Art Blakey - Lester Left Town

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betharr said...

to listen and wonder
I'll be back...
To listen and amazed me!
Thx, Filho do Sol.
VERY, VERY, VERY c o o l.

betharr said...

I like when the lightsun is like that. It's illuminating a portion of the image.
I feel your action (you're close to the protection grid) :-)
The white dress is lit ... shadow on the street is opaque.
The colors of the cars gives luminosity to the dark street portion! Great prespective, too!
And over there...hahahaha...a cross?!?
On the right DO not parking
On the left DO
I really like this photo!
10/10 for your perception!

betharr said...

Filho do Sol, I can't turn this page!...and go to the next.
Magnetism! The sound amazed me!...moving spirit!
one more time! bis! bis!