photo session in the Poniatowski Park



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betharr said...

What holds my attention here is the bending of body.
How acrobatic! :-))
If you are's very confortable!
You can not be perceived & 'vampiriza' loosely, freely. This is Your case, Filho do Sol. It results in a clear photos!
In my case... my action is so 'stress' because IM walking, in motion when the photos are captureted. I need take quickly and go ahead to pretend 'nothing is happening'.
My friends alert me "be careful"! hahahahaha
I can't!
Your post:
two diferent moments in the same place. A beautiful place!
I recognize the bridge. 'Photo session' a good title! Like al yours! Criative!
The W&B presentation is a gif for me!
Beautiful woman! I like her face in 'Egyptian way'. Understood me?