Now Youre Really Living






Eels - Hey Man (Now Youre Really Living)

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betharr said...

"Now you are living"!
That is impossible don,t think about
the Poland's history and if it hurts you ...
sorry! but I decided to be honest with my feelings and thoughts.
See this people on their white clouthes make me hopeful about 'chance to exchange'
then I need to declare what IM thinking: Piotrkouwska how many events did you see?!...
Golden Hair!... so naturally! :-))
Two sequence in this post.
Both illustrates a culture, a people, a reality
but not unveiled what they are feeling. Not yet!
Maybe you can speake more about?!?...
The pastel ton on the wall is so very nice!
Does not hurt my eyes.
Solar brother, do you promise me to keep shooting people even in winter?
Were you on the corner Zielona X Piotrowska?
10/10 for that: anabling questions about people
sml, pls!

Frank de Jol said...

I promise, I will try to show you the winter people and also autumn people :-)
Yes, this is corner of Piotrkowska Street and Zielona Street.