up and down

1.  The first chilly day in a long time

2.  But I hope that it will still warm days
Coleman Hawkins and His Orchestra - Carioca

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betharr said...

"Carioca" hahahaha... you know people who was born in Rio de Janeiro?!?...
there is a Caribean ritm in this music, not Brazilian :-)))
Foreigners always get confused about 'samba' and 'salsa'.
These large spaces ... few people ... is very good, Filho do Sol! so confortable, so human being, so civilized!
Good for you!
Good for all!
I avoid shopping in agglomerations because here is so difficult to bay in it.
People here in jacket?
Oh, sorry! warm days for a long time... I hope that, dear brother!
More pinacoteca for you. Without Matisse hahahah!