kawiarnia R.Dybalski

Buddy Rich - Big Swing Face

Booster MP3


betharr said...

how life in this posT!!!! :-)))))))))
oh man! I love these bands! Big Band Jazz!
10/10 for JAZZ
wow!... you are so close up in the first!...
10/10 for your audacity! hahahah...
under the strong SUN's light! BRAVE!
What is this 'bi'(?) on the left?
'zapraszamy' I would like to know Polish language. For what? I don't know! no racional explanation!
Second: weel done! A good moment to relax!
A fenomenal capture!
A cup of tea? :-)
Thanks for information about wether there!
Thx for music!
Thx for exchange
Many warms days for you! My wish forever! :-)

Frank de Jol said...

It's something on the left is a rickshaw, which run down the street Piotrkowska. And the man who just comes out of the cafe and looks at me is the driver of this funny vehicle.
Generally speaking, these rickshaws is a great kitsch on the main street...hahahaha