girl with a white bag


betharr said...

Black long hair here too!:-)
And a big bag!:-)
B & W... Yep!
I really love it! certainly
my FAV! ... photography's art!
This girl is the prototype of the fashion model,
does she?
The man behind the woman ... he is an Asian man?
What's NADIS? A name of a comercial magazine?
and the 'modern writing' on the wall... maybe 'photos'? hahahah my obsession, I mean, our!...
Again a phenomenal B&W!

Frank de Jol said...

I don't know what's a "NADIS", it seems to me that this is a hairdresser, but certainly I do not know and I'll have to check ;-)
Certainly I doesn't check whether this man is Asian man ;-), but it seems to me that not.
Yes, this is obsession !!!!!