faceci i ich rowery




Lech Janerka - Rower

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betharr said...

"guys and their bikes"
ROWER = bicicleta :-)
Lech - so familiar here... Były prezydent you know.
ILT when you show me Polish culture! More, pls!
to SHARE that is our purpose, does not it?
ciclovia = bike route
I see there a confortable & secure bike route.
Such an excellent and ecological solution for transportation.
Unfortunately we do not have that here.
Of course, it would be much more civilized.
10/10 Polskie rozwiązania
Third is my FAV
I like to imagine that man is looking to you.
hahahaha and you are behind the tree!?
His shadow, the strong light on this body,
the bike's colours, the traffic in a one way,
his bag (apropriate to a long ride...
The music is vibrant! I DO not stop my feet :-)))