everyone needs lunch_2

1.  She waits
2.  He comes
John Mellencamp - Jack And Diane

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betharr said...

2x Jack&Diane
TAWERNA...ILT! the sound is so sonore! taverna!
A curiosity: these people know you? I mean all the people you capture... someone is your friend, etc?...
how many time do you stay there?
'Kindred' capturing the soul of others :-))))))
As like IM feeling: the Vimpire.
Are you shocked?
They look so absent-minded in these three scenes.
well! it's our passion. We are not in a bad
action. Only for ART! is not it?
10/10 for sequence
10/10 for light
10/10 for bravure
how many meters between you and the customers/
10/10 if you answer to these questions
hahahahahahah always a teacher.

Frank de Jol said...

Hey, Vampire...
Why do you think, that all the people, that I photograph are my friends. I don't know why you such a request ?
I stood there for about 10 minutes.
I have problems with defining a distance. Maybe it was 50 meters, and maybe 100 or 10 :-)
I guess I answered all the questions. So my rating is 10/10 from the teacher's a Vampire ;-)
Well, I am proud ;-)

betharr said...

Hi, you!
'all the people'... no! I think someone. I don't know. Do not care about this curiosity, OK?
Yes! the rating is 10/10 for my 'golden' student:-)
The student who teaches better than the profa.