Winter Trends

Eels - I like birds

Booster MP3


betharr said...

red bag, red boots... what an exciting vision!
consume, consume, consume!
"The return of the Vampire attack"
hahahaha...the Vampire who practice the goodness :-)
Is this a Brazilian shopping? The same fashion.
The material is a little better (strong) than I see here. We know 'why'.
nobody to observe you!...maybe!
10/10 for both...clear images! HQ!
10/10 for red bag :-)
10/10 for music whose rytme is in prefect combination with feet, boots, walking...
I imagine people on red boots dancing on Lodz streets :-)
... and you are tooking many, many click
hahaha 'vampirizando' the others souls.
Be happy, solar brother! ILT!!!!!!!!!!

betharr said...

good adds above!
simple to visit
10/10 AGAIN
I'll 'vimpire' this idea.
'to vimpire' is this a verb???????