betharr said...

a BIG smille!!!
How a BIG conection!...
Power! Energy! Life! Paradise!
Excellent way to tell me about happiness!!!
World in Colorful Music!
A soul in movement... dancing under SunLight!
Nothing can be more expressive than these colors
that the SUN is showing just now!!!!!
pls, try this link. It's a test. This site is in transformation. :-)))))))))) again!

Frank de Jol said...

I try this link "", but I nothing see :-( . "This page requires an Ovi membership." I need to sign in to access this.

betharr said...

Oh! it was so excellent to send ours music, gift, videos, photos! It give us the embed to copy in our blog. Just playing with tecno, is not it?
Now a day many transformation...
I come back to this for a visit and decided
to show you some of my experiments.
Just a playing in a holiday! :-)