standing in the middle of the street

Am I brave or not prudent ? hahahah ;-)
Beastie Boys - No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Booster MP3

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betharr said...

Both. And are a hero! hahahaha
and you will not give up when the snow falls here. :-)
I know it was happen in a Sunday when the traffic is slow. But be careful, pls!
About what I see: what a big contrast (right and left) buildings!
Beautiful roof on the right. Elegant and decorative architecture!
The former should be better preserved.
Because the new has not the same style. Are very predictable. There & here. :-(
You on the midle of street. Just where IM now!
It's very interesting to put myself in place of the photographer. Maybe a car is behind me?!?...
The perspective here make that a masterpiece.
10/10 for it!